SBOBET Casino is one of the other products from service provider Asia’s largest online gambling, SBOBET.Com that focuses on online casino products. Live Games or machine games provided by SBOBET CASINO 338a is Baccarat, black jack, roullete, and sic bo. Other games offered by SBOBET Online is Roullete a turntable uses a single ball that the winner was determined based on the number where the ball stopped on the round table. In addition, there is a game of black jack is already very well known around the world. The last game offered by SBOBET Casino is a game of Sic Bo is a game that uses three dice and players will get a prize with a specific value based on the dice numbers appear at the end of the game. Casino Commission of 0.5%, 1%, and 1.2% Get the best Commission of 0.8%, 1%, and 1.2% who have never previously obtained for the gaming Casino in Indonesia. Terms and conditions: Applicable for SBOBET Casino games only. For the Commission of 0.8%, minimum deposit amount member is 5,000,000 dollars. To 1% Commission, minimum deposit is 20,000,000 dollars. For the Commission of 1.2%, the minimum deposit is $ 50,000,000. Entered into the credit account game is 1/2 of the amount of deposits member and the amount of money that can be withdrawn by the member is 2 x number of credits of the member. Applies to new and old members Agent Sbobet Online We are agent of sbobet will assist you in the process of the register and play, We serve the transaction via bank bca, mandiri and bni at indonesia region. For more info, please contact customer service via our livechat or sms.